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Flux Night


This past saturday I attended Atlanta’s Flux Night event in the Castleberry Hill art district of Atlanta. From 7pm-Midnight a couple blocks are blocked off from traffic to allow foot traffic to wander around the district and experience all forms of arts. Atlanta’s no where near New York or LA in terms of art culture but you’ve got to appreciate its progression and what it has.

The night was full of performance art, galleries, and whatever else you could think of. Best of all, it was free.

The night really lets the viewers know the things that go on in the city outside of the big businesses and banks. It’s too bad that this event only happens once a year, but in a way that’s what makes it special and a good reason why you should go next year.


All shots were taken with my Fuji x100s. They’re not the greatest but I did my best with the ambient light of the street lights.


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