[Update] Straight Photography


Wall Street by Paul Strand 1915

In the early 1900s, a photographer by the name of Paul Strand will coin the term “straight photography.” Basically this mindset was photographing an image for the sake of what it was. Not for some greater meaning or concept, but just for the image itself.

For me, I’m greatly attracted to this principle of just taking an image for what it is. I think too many times we photographers as artists try to make things so conceptual and deep that our images lose visual interest and the image can’t stand on its own without an explanation. I find it perfectly fine to just go out and take pictures and enjoy the moment of doing it. You’re bound to find something interesting to photograph. It’s almost like an adventure for me. Don’t get me wrong though, I think conceptual ideas can make a work of art much stronger. You just got to remember that the work itself should be enjoyable or moving too and not have the words or ideas take over the art itself.

Here are some of my recent images that I’ve taken regarding this idea.

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