First Post


I figure I should start off the first post of my blog with an introduction of who I am and what I do. My name is Peter Ho. I am a freelance photographer based in Atlanta, GA studying for a BFA in Photography at the Savannah College of Art and Design in Atlanta.

I received my first camera, a nikon d60, in my senior year of high school. Since then everything spun off and here I am today. I don’t have one focus in photography, but I tend to enjoy shooting studio shots. Recently I’ve also heavily gotten interested in street photography and shoot that with my film camera, a nikon FG.

I hope that through this blog, I can help people with varying issues of photography and network with other photographers around the Atlanta area and even the United States.

Lastly I’d like to give all my credit to God who has been so faithful throughout my life. I know that all good things come from Him and He is the One who allows me to live such a blessed life. Thank You Jesus 🙂

One thought on “First Post

  1. Peter-

    Got your comment. FYI, you can link *to* anything/anyone on the web without needing or getting their permission. Good luck w/your blog!


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